Thermal town, natural treasury


Sawauchi village with the breweries and Yuda town in Waga-gun in Iwate prefecture were incorporated
into Nishi-waga town in November 2005.
This town is in the mountain range surrounded by Ou Mountains, which the backbone of Tohoku district, and its population is less than 8000. However, it has wide area (about 50 km north and south, about 20 km west and east) About 80 % of this town is covered with forest land such as native bush including the biggest beechen trees in Japan. The town has the heaviest snowfall area in Japan, so it is specified as “special snowfall area”. It has snow over 2 m deep sometimes in February.

Waga river connected to many rivers crosses the town north and south. There are mountains at about 1000 m elevation such as Waga-dake at 1440 m elevation in the north, and Minami-Honnai-dake called Gonso-yama or Gonsiro-mori at 1492 m elevation in the south, in the prefecture’s border with Akita prefecture.
The town has a variety of nature such as Kurikoma quasi-national park (nature conservation area), and Kinshyu-ko whose beautiful landscape changes seasonally and which is specified as the top 100 lake created by dam in the Yuda-Onsen-kyo prefectural natural park in the south.You may feel that beer brewing in Tohoku is strange. This area has much natural water at 9 ℃ on yearly average and is similar to Munich in Germany (the beer original place) in environment. So, this area where bacteria are unlikely to live is appropriate for beer brewing.

Nishi-waga town has the long history. For example, the paleolithic remains (18,000 years ago) were iscovered. And, this town, which is called “Thermal Town”, has hot springs in 12 districts. Rich hot spring water is used for cultivating turtles and the other purposes.There are swimming baths, sauna, and observation baths in the Toge-yama Parkland Oasis Spa in Kinshu-ko Service Area in the Akita Expressway extending west and east. These baths are the symbol of thermal town.Hot spring is appended to Hot-yuda station, which is the entrance of uda-onsen-kyo where the people can relieve their fatigue of traveling by train and car.By the way, the signaler for informing you that train is coming near is established in the bathroom in Hot-yuda station, preventing you from missing your train. Please enjoy hot spring without annoying at the time.

This area has many specialty products such as Bakke bean paste cooked by using butterbur sprout, fungus including natural Grifola frondosa, Mukitake, and Nameko mushroom, mountain plant including Fuki and Udo, soup and noodles cooked by using turtles of Nishi-waga Industrial Public Corporation, fresh milk and milk products from cows which were nursed in wide ranches by local cattle farmers. These specialty products are produced with rich nature in Waga-dake and are very popular with visitors. You can enjoy the dishes cooked by using specialty products actually such as turtle noodles and turtle rice porridge and GINGA KOGEN BEER in the Kinshu-ko Service Area.If you are neither a driver nor a minor, we recommend that you drink the beer.

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Teenage drinking is prohibited.Drink drive is prohibited by the law.Drinking alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding may cause developmental problems in unborn children or babies.Resources are limited.  Take good care of the earth’s environment.



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