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GINGA KOGEN BEER started in 1996, as the project to economically develop Sawauchi village in Iwate prefecture, by Isao Nakamura who established Higashinihonhouse Co., Ltd

Sawauchi village is the heavy snowfall area, so it has rich natural fresh water. And, it is similar to Bayern in Germany in climate. So, Sawauchi village is the appropriate for brewery.

And, 1996 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kenji Miyazawa, when this beer was named the GINGA KOGEN BEER.

GINGA KOGEN BEER origin of name


Famous water wells up to plateau on mountains and character shines out as if it were stars in night sky. Japanese name of the GINGA KOGEN BEER includes Galaxy and Plateau. Galaxy indicates“dream and roman” and plateau indicates “famous natural waterh” .

Challenge to authentic beer


The preparatory members visited the beer breweries in Europe and the United States before building the brewery.They visited Munich, Cologne, and Dusseldorf, and drank 80 kinds of beer in one week. After discussion, they visited the Augustina brewery in Munich again.

This Weizen is the benchmark of the GINGA KOGEN BEER.
Its impression is clearly different from that of Japanese traditional beer and considerably characteristic without any need for convincing. They thought this taste might acquire the enthusiastic fans although they are minority.

Afterwards, we invited Braw Meister and purchased the set of the German machines.We made some samples.However, their taste did not reach our target or their quality was not uniform. We just took twists and turns.

We thought that we could not make that taste with this material in this place. Repeated trial and error and bloody effort resulted in the birth of the good-quality Weizen beer.The very time when we created the taste that we aimed at is the emotional support for all the staff.

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Teenage drinking is prohibited.Drink drive is prohibited by the law.Drinking alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding may cause developmental problems in unborn children or babies.Resources are limited.  Take good care of the earth’s environment.



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